21 May 2018/Propolis

Mohsen Fathi Najafi and et al.


The water extracts of propolis (WEP) could inhibit growth of different cell lines namely McCoy, HeLa, SP2/0, HEp-2, and BHK21 and stimulate growth of normal cell named human lymphocyte, rat kidney, rat liver, and rat spleen. In these experiments 1 and 2 mg of WEP were added to 1 ml RPMI media with 5% FCS. Cell counts and cell viability of propolis-treated and propolis-free cells were assessed by Trypan blue dye exclusion test and MTT assay. The results showed that in case of McCoy, HeLa, SP20, HEp-2, and BHK21 cell lines, the water extracts of propolis could inhibit cell growth as well as reduction on size of the cells. In contrast the same amount of WEP could stimulate growth of normal cells up to 60% with the same concentration used for cell lines. Thus our study indicates that although WEP consists only of the soluble part of propolis, it enables to inhibit different cell lines and increase growth of normal cells. This indicates also that WEP contains the specific compounds with bioactivity against cell lines. Although propolis contain different number of compounds it is clear that WEP has enough biological compounds useful for the treatment of some diseases, medical and related applications

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