Soren Tech Toos Company was founded by Dr. Mohsen Fathi Najafi in 2004 in Mashhad-Iran with the aim of developing biotechnology.
The first activity of the company was to research and investigate the possibility of producing honeybee propolis products for the prevention and treatment of various diseases, and several successful clinical studies have been conducted for this purpose.
The quality measurement of bee products was one of the goals of the company, which was achieved by researching and providing methods for determining the quality and evaluation of propolis, honey and royal jelly based on their biological characteristics.
The production of several therapeutic, complementary and cosmetic products from propolis and honey quality measurement are among the valuable achievements of Soren Tech Toos Company.
We have made a lot of effort for positive changes, and we believe that the quality of life can be better and better with natural bee products.

About Propolis


Natural Product

Propolis Benefits

  • Enhance immune function and body resistance
  • Protects against disease and infection
  • Repairs dry and damaged skin
  • Reduce cancer symptoms
  • Reduce skin inflammation
  • Prevention of mucositis
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