• The propolis used in the production of this tablet is collected from different regions of Iran with suitable effectiveness quality and is extracted by biotechnology methods and formulated into tablets based on effective compounds.
  • The propolis was cleaned and extracted for removing of extra portion of mixed with propolis
  • Total Polyphenol is adjusted for tablet instated of propolis weight.
  • The tablet is formulated for high absorption in the small intestine.
  • Number of clinical trials and researches on the propolis tablet have shown that it has prevented and reduced the disease, treatment costs and satisfied patients and normal people for better life style.
No Research articles on Soren Tech Toos propolis tablet First author Date
 1 Effect of the water extracts of propolis on stimulation and inhibition of different cells M.Fathi Najafi 2007
 2 Effectiveness of Bee Propolis on Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis: A Randomized Clinical Trial Z. Delavarian 2015
 3 Comparison of Efficacy and Side Effects of Propolis with Chemotherapy and Chemotherapy alone for Neoadjuant Therapy of Ovarian Cancer N. Saghafi 2015
 4 Randomized Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Trial of Propolis for Oral Mucositis in Patients Receiving Chemotherapy for Head and Neck Cancer M.H.Akhavan-Karbassi 2016
 5 Iranian brown propolis possesses neuroprotective effect against ischemic neuronal damage in mice G. Bazmandegan 2020
 6 Effect of Propolis on moderate persistent asthma: A phase two randomized, double blind, controlled clinical trial M.Mirsadraee 2021
 7 Assessment of Propolis Supplementation on Serum Concentrations of  liver Enzymes in Endurance Athletes with Four Weeks Aerobic Training M.  Mahdavi Asiabar 2021


Benefits and Uses of propolis tablet:

    • Stimulation and regulation of organs and glands
    • Protects against cellular aging and deterioration
    • Enhances immune function and body resistance
    • Reduction of viral diseases and oral diseases
    • Increase energy level and physical activity
    • It high antioxidant activity and flavonoids
    • Protects against disease and infection
    • Protection from infectious diseases
    • Help reduce joint and muscle pain
    • Reducing cancer symptoms
    • Rejuvenates the body
    • lengthens life span

Purpose of use/desired therapeutic properties:

The propolis with different natural and active substances can be used as a supplement to strengthen the immune system and provide a part of the body’s antioxidants.

Directions :

For the optimal effect of the propolis ingredients, use 1-3 tablets daily between meals or according to the doctor’s prescription.

Side effects:

So far, no specific side effects have been reported for this substance in the world. In some cases, people have shown sensitivity to the use of this substance, which should be avoided if observed.

Recommended points:

In the case of children under 3 years old, due to the incompleteness of the digestive system and the difference in the immune system, it is suggested not to be used without the doctor consultant. People with allergies, asthma, kidney and liver patients, and pregnant and lactating women should not use it without a doctor’s prescription.

In case of sensitivity or allergy to this tablet, avoid using it and consult a doctor.

Storage conditions:

Keep out of reach of children and store below 25 C, keep at dark and dry place.



No Clinical trial Title on  Soren Tech Toos Co. propolis products IRCT
1 Effect of Propolis on clinical and physiological parameters of moderate Asthma. A double blind randomized placebo- controlled clinical trial. IRCT201209302695N4
2 Effect of propolis use on blood level of il-17 in ulcerative oral lichen planus patients IRCT2013010111976N1
3 Comparison of propolis and placebo in controlling the frequency of relapses in patients with recurrent aphthous stomatitis IRCT2013072214101N1
4 Effect of propolis solution on prevention and treatment of oral mucositis in patients undergoing head and neck radiotherapy. IRCT2016010225726N2
5 Evaluation of the Effect of Propolis Mouthwash in the Prevention of the Chemotherapy Induced Mucositis IRCT2016022924959N2
6 Evaluation of the Effect of Propolis Mouthwash in the Prevention of the Chemotherapy Induced Mucositis IRCT2016022924959N2
7 Assessment Of Propolis, Dentin Bonding Agent And Placebo In Reducing Dentinal Hypersensity, In Hypersensitive Teeth Subsequent Of Periodontal Surgeries: A Randomized Clinical Trial IRCT2016102430475N1
8 Clinical trial of comparison the effect of the propolis extract in combination with dressing without eugenol (Coe-Packtm) and Coe Packtm dressing in wound healing among patients undergoing crown lengthening surgery IRCT2016102630475N2
9 Comparing The Effect of Propolis Extract and Chlorhexidine Mouthwash on Clinical Parameters and Salivary Level of Matrix Metalloproteinase 8 in Chronic Periodontitis Patients: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial IRCT2016122030475N3
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11 Comparison of Propolis Mouthwash and Placebo Effect on Denture Stomatitis Treatment in Denture Wearers -A Clinical Trial Study. IRCT20170828035942N2
12 Antibacterial effect of Propolis as root canal medicament in necrotic teeth: A randomized single-blind clinical trial study IRCT20180417039337N1
13 Evaluation of propolis supplementation and high doses of melatonin effects on oxidative stress indices, inflammatory factors, clinical status in patients with Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SIRS) in Intensive Care Unit IRCT20181025041460N1
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17 The effect of propolis supplementation on anthropometric parameters, oxidative stress and inflammatory status, and mortality rate in patients with severe pneumonia IRCT20220902055856N1
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